18 Apr 2012


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I remember when Daniel Costa worked at Red Star Pub.  I, regrettably, did not have a chance to taste his menu there.  Fear not – Corso 32 arrived onto the scene.  It is located in the center of downtown, right on 103 Jasper Ave. The menu changes occasionally depending on what ingredients are fresh and in season.

Corso 32 has its interior set up quite intimately.  Too intimately though – the tables are pushed together so closely that it felt like you were intruding upon the other dining tables beside you.  Incandescent lighting and loud music filled the entire room.  Alas, at one point, the music was so loud that there was shouting over the music!

This is the arancini ($11), which is essentially breaded risotto balls filled with funghi misto and fonti.  The outside was crunchy and the inside had a nice tang to it, as it oozed with goodness.

This is not your run-of-the-mill grilled cheese sandwich ($14).  It was topped with charred onion, boschetto al tartufo, shaved umbria truffles and a sunny up egg (which was like the cherry on top!) on grilled bread.   It was absolutely divine, but words cannot describe the feeling of when my teeth punctured the egg yolk and it mixed with everything.  My mouth is salivating at the thought.

This is the bucatini alla gricia ($17) tossed in a tomato sauce with cured pork jowl and pecorino.  I felt that it could have been kicked up a notch with just a pinch more ingredients added to it.

Last but not least, the chocolate torta ($9) was rich, but so, SO good and I felt that the salty hazelnuts were a great addition to it.

So overall, do I “rebeccamend” this?  Yes.
I have a dream proposal for Daniel Costa: Will you please be my personal chef?
On a serious note though – everything tasted wonderful, with the grilled cheese being my favourite dish of all.  However, if you are not a fan of loud and noisy atmospheres, you may not find it to be an appealing place.  With that aside, this is fine Italian dining at acceptable prices.  However, it is recommended to make reservations a few weeks in advance to secure a table.

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5 Responses to “Corso32”

  1. Reply Sick of Lame Bloggers says:

    I have to say, your attempt at food blogging is pathetic.
    First of all, Corso has been open for over a year. It hasn’t finally arrived, you just finally got around to eating there. I’ve never been there when the music was too loud to have conversation, even so if that’s the case TALK LOUDER. The restaurant is tiny and they make the best of the space and still offer amazing atmosphere with your experience. It’s not a cafeteria, if you don’t enjoy sitting close to other people then why do you bother going. Not every single place in Edmonton needs to be a god damn massive steak house. Your descriptions and photos of the food are sad. The bucatini is perfect and delicious, who the hell are you to say otherwise.
    Do #YEGFOOD a favour and stop. Just stop.

    • Reply White Knight/Blaize says:

      The problem with a small restaurant that shoves people in close together in order to maximize profits is that one often finds oneself next to someone very much like yourself; a person that undoubtedly spouts obnoxious drivel at a volume much louder than is necessary in an intimate environment so as to ensure that the people around him are well aware of how witty and urbane he is without ever realizing that he has never expressed a unique or even interesting thought in his entire life. If someone expresses an opinion that a restaurant is a little louder than he or she likes who the hell are you to say that their opinion is invalid? Further, unless there are awards for their bucatini hanging in the establishment (and even then it would only qualify this statement slightly not invalidate it) then it is most definitely not perfect as there is always room for improvement when preparing food, you may be comfortable with the same old thing every time but a chef that rests on their laurels will find themselves out of the business sooner rather than later. So in summation the next time you feel like whining that someone elses opinion isn’t in line with yours: please kill yourself, it’ll save the rest of us a lot of time and trouble, you are no one and nothing, your life has no meaning or value, you never have and never will contribute in any meaningful way to humanity, blogging, or cognitive processing.

  2. Reply Rebecca says:

    Play nice, kids!

    Both of you are entitled to your own opinion – as I am entitled to my own opinion.

  3. Reply iamperfect says:

    all 3 of u r inexperienced yung & ignorant greenthumbs. Have any of u ever worked a real job let alone have any callouses from lifting a chef knife more than twice? I’m sure all your knowledge comes from “surfin’ da net” Regarding Corso, there’s nothing wrong with packin’ them in, but at least spend some $$$’s on proper hvac/exhaust and tell you waiter to dress better than the gutter street people outside & get his nose out of the clouds

  4. Reply sex at college says:

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